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First Foundry is a team of world class engineers and designers with a passion for building highly scalable real-time technology products with cutting-edge presentation patterns for mobile, web, desktop, and MR/AR/VR interaction. We're an ambitious new brand of technology company with a model that's equal parts venture capital firm, research incubator, and software development studio.


our TEAM

We bring the ethos, discipline, experience, and creativity of web-scale consumer app / game development to new domains ripe for application of modern, always-connected software development.  Our work with partners draws on decades of collective experience building venture-backed software companies to help execute on the toughest challenges in realtime gaming, big data, blockchain technology, machine learning, facial recognition, courier logistics / routing, and much more.

fresh projects

Battle Strike Force

Client: Beyond Games

Developed features and tools supporting the development of Beyond Games' flagship mobile MMO, Battle Strike Force, featuring Sylvester Stallone.  Specifically, our team specialized in tools support, platform-specific optimizations, and performance upgrades (see Unity); as well as rendering, UI/UX development, and content management systems.


Technologies used:

Unity C# Erlang Elixir Merigo

Automated Biomedical Research Platform

Client: Aces Health

Provided CTO-level technical leadership in architecting and implementing a full stack of features and performance-focused refactoring of the Aces SaaS platform used by clinical research giants


Technologies Used:

AngularJS Bootstrap NodeJS Electron aws Cordova MySQL


Client: ATX Innovations Inc.

Developed the entire suite of software that includes a cloud-based point of sale solution with administrative portal with detailed reporting, content management systems, data visualization and CRM from high-level product requirements to commercialization ready for the fast-paced bar industry.

Technologies used:

aws CloudFront Couchbase + Sync Gateway Python React Redux Swift


Client: Merigo

Implemented a feature-rich administration portal for development with the Merigo SDE (server development environment). The interfaces integrate with the multi-stage deployments of Merigo through a REST interface allowing development teams permissioned access & tools to manage game / user data, player profiles, event design, economy balancing, and custom scripted commands.


Technologies used:

React Redux Javascript Elixir Erlang Merigo


In addition to pure technical proficiency, we bring years of experience and apply a great deal of effort to building a domain expertise in our partners' industries. Knowing how to apply software engineering to the right problems, but perhaps not every problem, helps us work with entrepreneurs with a shared perspective of the big picture. 


With our partners in the medical research and provider space we have built out solutions for patient record keeping and analysis of patient data to aid clinical research. We handled difficult data solutions in a compliance-focused industry (HIPAA, PHI, SOC1, SOC2).

Project Experience:
  • Full stack healthcare application development
  • Telemedicine application design and development
  • eSignature integration
  • Secure storage of critical data (PII, PHI)
  • Mobile video integrations with Amazon ElasticTranscoder
aws CloudFront AngularJS Webpack Ionic Cordova NodeJS React jQuery Backbone PHP EHR integration


We have built games and game engines from scratch, supported live development and operations for titles with millions of daily active users, and are building tools and technology to make game developers' lives easier.

Project Experience:
  • Full stack game engine and tools development
  • PC, console, and mobile game development
  • Facebook and web portal game development and live operations
  • Tooling around third-party authentication
  • Analytics tooling for large scale gaming application
  • Gamification in non-traditional applications including use of VR and biofeedback technology
C C++ unity C# Swift Actionscript HaXe Javascript Java Python

Distributed Ledger

Since early 2017 we've been building solutions in the blockchain space at both the protocol and decentralized application level. Projects include a decentralized social networking layer, p2p chat and email, and an Ethereum-based game.

Project experience:
  • Architectural consulting on blockchain-based money transfer system
  • User authentication via multi-sig wallet integrations
  • Smart contract development using Solidity on Ethereum
  • Digital content tracking leveraging the ERC721 token standard
  • Fully decentralized, encrypted, peer to peer chat client utilizing decentralized file storage system
Ethereum Solidity Blockstack Codius React Redux Metamask Electron Whisper Truebit

Social Media

We are experienced in delivering user-generated media through mobile applications such as video, audio, and chat. We have also helped build and maintain products and native SDKs which social applications rely on, working with authentication, analytics gathering, and ad services.

Project experience:
SDK integrations for:
  • Cross-platform authentication
  • Social Graph platform integrations
  • User acquisition applications
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Enterprise analytics integrations
Objective-C Swift Java (mobile) Kotlin


We developed a vehicle tracking and fleet management system for a client based in Europe that included real-time vehicle routing and analysis.

Project Experience:
  • Fleet management tracking solutions
  • Rich vehicle routing solutions
  • Courier & fleet management portal for realtime tracking and administration
Java Ruby Javascript Coffeescript node JS PostgreSQL

Collaboration Tools

We have a background in developing software solutions for improving team productivity for clients across healthcare, tech, gaming, and education sectors.

Project experience:
  • Virtual office software solutions
  • Chat client implementations
  • Online education platforms
AngularJS jQuery Bootstrap Python SQL MongoDB Flask Django Ruby + Rails


Creating something exceptional?  


At First Foundry we're looking for clever problem solvers and limber thinkers, not just technology specialists. Our startup roots nurture a tight-knit, highly transparent, hard-working culture that offers new team members the opportunity to learn from everyone and grow with us.  Many of our earliest hires now mentor others and lead projects. We believe that our best work is often a result of this open, collaborative approach to the pursuit of excellence in software development and entrepreneurship.


We're looking for the best and brightest eager to tackle difficult challenges and create real-world business applications that unlock massive potential.  Sound like your kind of thing?


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